Welcome to Cré Olé

(pronounced, “Cray Olay”),

The Guide to Dining in Trinidad & Tobago.
Since the first issue of Cré Olé appeared in 2003. Even the best and most-deserving of restaurants are facing real difficulty.
Aren’t we all?
But it is in difficult times that it becomes espeically important to celebrate life, and its best aspects; and Cré Olé has always understood that Trinidad & Tobago’s most attractive tourism product is its rich, multi-ethnic population, whose indomitable spirit has always been reflected in its inventive and delicious cuisine – which itself has roots in every part of the world. We taste Trinidad & Tobago best in our food – like the Maracas Bay shark-and-bake the New York Times called, ‘the best fish sandwich in the world’.

We know that 100 per cent of visitors, whether on holiday or business, will want good food in a variety of settings. They can find them all here.

We invite you to try the best of the food of Trinidad & Tobago. And, with the celebration of your own good times, to help Trinidad & Tobago to go forward through bad times in the ongoing struggle to
find itself through one of the most pleasant routes: its own cuisine.

You can find just about everything you need to know about a prospective restaurant quickly and easily here on Cré Olé’s website.

Undecide what to eat? Check out our restaurants by cuisine below. You can call to make your reservation, view the restaurant’s location on google maps, read reviews on each restaurant on Trip Advisor or on our site. Sample menus, pictures and special offers are all on each restaurant’s page.

We sincerely hope you love every bite.

But we leave you with this warning: if you’re not hungry when you start browsing Cré Olé, you’re very likely to be very shortly after.

Bon appétit.

BC Pires


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