Breaking all records for great food

519 proudly takes its name from the number of Test wickets taken by one of the social hub’s co-owners, Courtney Walsh, the first bowler in international cricket history to take 500 Test wickets. (The “1” in “519” is made up of three cricket stumps!) It takes much of its easygoing elegant style from Courtney, too.

Spend five minutes in the high-celinged, open-plan venue and you find out why 519 insists it is a “social hub”: people gather here in the common pursuit of the best things in life: good food; good drink; and good company.

But people come alone, too: the food’s that good, far better than the label ‘casual dining’ suggests and far more affordable than you’d expect of an upmarket social hub. Try the sweet potato oil down or the curried duck wontons and you’ll taste what we mean.

You get live sports on the big screen TVs, too, of course, but there is nowhere better to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones because, at 519, background music is background: it enhances conversation instead of obliterating it!

Sample Menu


Tamarind grilled shrimp Grilled shrimp glazed with our signature tamarind sauce, pickled cucumbers and fresh cut greens. TT$80 US$12

CurrIed Duck Wontons Yes, you read it right, curried duck in a wanton crisp with tamarind sauce. TT$60 US$9

Dry-rubbed baby back ribs Spiced-rubbed ribs slow-cooked and succulent to the bone. Served with jerk sauce. TT$90 US$14

Main Courses

 Deep-fried calamari, grilled shrimp and mussels in coconut broth. TT$160 (2) $310 (4) US$25 (2) $48 (4)

Turf Grilled chicken, pork sausage, lamb roast. TT$140 (2) $270 (4) US$22 (2) $42 (4)

Fish Broth Our version of the Caribbean classic, done with ochroes, carrots, potatoes and a raft of seasonings, is a spirited tribute to regional fisher-folk. TT$50 US$8

Boss salad Mix of fresh greens, tomatoes, apples, corn, watermelon, carrots and cucumber. TT$65 US$10

Burger The basic burger is lettuce, tomatoes, onion marmalade but you can add bacon, mushrooms, pinapple, cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack or provolone. TT$70-$80 US$11-12

Salmon hoagie Marinated salmon steak witih mesclun, pickled cucumber, onion marmalade and chadon beni aioli. TT$125 US$19 

Chicken and Biscuits A family favourite. Southern fried chicken, smothered in a rich gravy, served with a cheesy herb biscuit and broccoli slaw. TT$85 US$13

Mushroom risotto Classic creamy risotto wtih white mushrooms and topped wiith Parmesan cheese and truffle oil.  TT$90 US$14


Classic Bread Pudding  TT$45 US$7
cheesecake of the week  TT$45 US$7

Something for everyone

The name Ruby Tuesday may be synonmous with burgers but their menu has a great deal more to offer every member of any family. Now open in five locations (MovieTowne P.O.S, Price Plaza Chaguanas and Gulf City Mall, and C3 Centre San Fernando) Ruby Tuesday offers dozens of new appetizers, main courses and desserts to delight everyone from the weight-watcher to the gourmand.

Ruby Tuesday’s commitment to convenience includes free curbside TOGO service. Call the Ruby Tuesday branch nearest you to order and drive to the specially marked parking spot to collect without leaving your car! Stay, though, and hassle-free, secure parking and a full mall’s worth of shops and cinemas lie a stroll away from your table, making Ruby Tuesday ideal for private, family, group or business celebrations, as well as the perfect date for romantic couples.

Every day of the week is a gem at Ruby Tuesday.

Sample Menu


Ruby’s Signature Wings Crispy, deep-fried chicken wings served with your choice of classic barbecue, honey barbecue, buffalo sauce (mild or hot), onion barbecue, chadon beni, creamy roasted garlic, tamarind or teriyaki. 
TT$125 US$19 (10 wings)
TT$245 US$38 (20 wings)

Asian Dumplings Filled with a blend of chicken and seasonings and fried. Served with a sweet chilli sauce. TT$70 US$11

Main Courses

Triple Play A winning combination. Our fork-tender ribs (half –rack), Louisiana fried shrimp and chicken tenders. TT$248 US$38

Grilled Salmon Flavourful and flaky salmon that is lightly seasoned and perfectly grilled. Served with your choice of two fresh sides. TT$145 US$22

Guava-Barbecued Chicken A marinated, grilled chicken breast smothered in a rich, flavourful guava-barbecue sauce.  TT$135 US$21

Black Fire New York Strip A premium cut with just the right seasoning perfectly juicily seared. 
TT$245 US$38

Cobb Salad Mixed salad greens, chunks of marinated grilled chicken. Chopped eggs, diced tomatoes, smokey bacon served with a creamy home-made dressing on the side. TT$95 US$15

Parmesan Shrimp Pasta Tender, spicy shrimp sautéed, then served over penne pasta in Parmesan cream sauce. TT$150 US$23

A Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs Our signature, slow-cooked and fork-tender ribs! 
Half-rack TT$165 US$25 |
Full rack TT$305 US$47


Tuxedo Cheesecake White chocolate mousse layered on top of chocolate New York style cheesecake for the ultimate in rich decadence. TT$55 US$8


PARKING - On site
PAYMENT - Cash / Credit & debit cards
DINING - Air-conditioned
DRESS - Casually elegant
SERVING - Sunday to Thursday 11 am - 11 pm
Friday & Saturday 11 am - 1 am

  • Locate Ruby Tuesday Movie Towne, Port of Spain / Grand Bazaar Valsayn & Gulf City, La Romain
  • Locate Ruby Tuessday Price Plaza, Chaguanas


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